Thursday, January 27, 2011

photo by Len Warren
                           Need Crissal Thrasher?.......Shoshone, CA 92384

Crissal Thrasher- (Toxostoma crissale)- A common resident of Shoshone,(10-20 pairs) very secretive, more easily heard than seen. Crissal Thashers thrive in the mixed riparian, vegetation along the Amargosa River, dominated by Honey Mesquite and Screwbean Mesquite. The Crissal Thrasher rarely flies, preferring to walk or run around its territory and will mostly run for cover when disturbed by a potential predator *wi. In late January, the male begins to sing. A member of the mimidae , a natural mimic, the male mimics the songs and calls of local and migratory birds. The nest is usually very well hidden, in deeper, darker, denser vegetation. Crissal Thrasher is very difficult to observe. Breeding season Jan-June  provides the most reliable looks at this species. Listen and look for the male singing from various high perches throughout their territories. Approach slowly, do not follow too closely, listen carefully, and you will be rewarded by a close look at a pair of Crissal Thrashers on their breeding territory. Please  respect their hard earned space by minimizing playback, and learning their behavior, songs and calls.

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  1. Nice! Only definitely saw them once in New Mexico--one a pair took interest in my mice while I was trying for a roadrunner. I was tempted to nab him just to get an up-close look and a photo of such a handsome bird.