Monday, October 17, 2011

Birding with Brownies on Mount Charleston

On Saturday October1st, the Red Rock Audubon Society, presented "Birding with Brownies" at Camp Foxtail.Camp Foxtail is in Lee Canyon on the Eastern side of Mount Charleston. We made our presentation to 14 Brownies and 8 Boy Scouts.The birding was very quiet, but we were able to call a Gray-headed Junco right up to the picnic table with an I-pod.All the kids leaned about birds, feathers, nests, and eggs, from a hands on close up perspective. These were  kids from  Las Vegas that came up the mountain to see what its like at 9000 feet. They also learned that there is a much different set of birds at the top of a mountain than down in the desert. Thank you to Richard Cantino of Red Rock Audubon West Branch for all the great photos, and for driving me all the way up and down the mountain and all the way back to Shoshone Village.What a thrill it was for me  to see the excitement of children and nature. When I look at the pictures of their faces, I think that they will remember this day too.
I need more feathers to gain any altitude.

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