Monday, September 21, 2015

Flycatchers in Shoshone and along the Amargosa River.
                                            SAY’S PHOEBE video click here

There are an amazing amount of Flycatcher species that use Shoshone and the Amargosa River. Some are migratory and breed elsewhere. Some are migratory and breed here. Say’s Phoebe (pronounced feebee) is our only year round Flycatcher.

Say’s Phoebe is a classic Phoebe in that it is the one who makes a nest up in the eaves of an old building or garage. Their subtle coloration is like an American Robin yet washed out. If one watches Say’s Phoebe for a while, spectacular courtships flights and flycatching aerobatics will be the reward. Their nest sites in towns and villages throughout the Desert Southwest are well known, but their nest sites in the wild are often spectacular. Caves in high, hard to reach cliffs, almost any protected nook with a small shelf.

I’m often surprised by a Say’s Phoebe that I’ve accidentally flushed from such a place after a challenging trek.

More Amargosa Flycatchers coming soon.

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