Thursday, September 23, 2010

David Washum of Cafe C'est Si Bon explains how the new sundial operates. His  new sculpture garden will soon transform the intersection of  Routes 127 and 178

Many new things are happening around Shoshone Village. The Warm Springs Pool Nature Path will soon be ready,  as well as some of the paths out on Shoshone Wetlands.Some great birds seen around the pool today include, Willow Flycatcher, Rose Breasted Grosbeak, Orange Crowned Warbler,Townsend's Warbler, Great Horned Owl,Cooper's Hawk,and Phainopepla.
     Today I finally met Jim Pike, who has been birding around here for many years. He's a really nice guy and he seemed to like the new little path. He was off to bird China Ranch, and the Kingston Range. He first began birding Shoshone Village years ago when the now dry catfish pond was active and known as a good place to check. One of the goals of Shoshone Village Birding Program is to transform that pond into a beautiful bird viewing pond with Photo Blinds. It is directly across the street from the Death Valley School, and we hope to inspire some of the local kids to become birders and wildlife observers. Tonight I will bird Grimshaw Lake and check nearby for Sora and Virginia Rails.

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