Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday was Let's Explore Wild Birds Day at Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, a short (50 min is short for around here) drive from Shoshone Village. This was one of the most fun days that I've ever had.Thanks to Alyson Mack of Ash Meadows for setting this cool day all up. The kids were so nice so polite,interested, curious, and fascinated that it made the day magical for everyone there.There were about 40 kids were between 3 and 16. The kids were from Death ValleySchools, Amargosa Schools, and Pahrump. Several families came with all their kids. There were eggs, nests, feathers, museum  bird skins,mist netting, (catching  and releasing wild birds for demonstration),and of course birding.Paul van Els from UNLV museum got a huge WOW from all the kids for catching showing Yellow Rumped Warblers , and a White Crowned Sparrow close up. Proper bird grip and release was taught to a few lucky participants who held then released a wild bird.

 The Red Rock Audubon Society had a really nice bird board and a table full of cool stuff to do and touch.
 The kids were very happy and excited to be able to carefully touch everything. They loved the Gambel's Quail eggs.Almost every kid picked up and examined everything on the tables including books!

 I know Paul had at least as much fun as I did.

Christina Manville and other volunteers  from Red Rock Audubon Society had a great day too.
 The guy in the back took a picture of every bird !
 Jesus loved the Barn Owl.

   Shoshone Village donated 6 field guides for prizes for the end of the day birding/scavenger hunt.Thanks to all the kids for giving the bird nerds such a fun day!

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