Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nesting Season Shoshone Wetlands and Amargosa Canyon PRBO project

Bell's Vireo nest in Narrow Leaf Willow

     I would like to share some of my favorite photos from my Spring/Summer job. During the breeding season, I work for Chris Mccreedy of PRBO (Point Reyes Bird Observatory) Conservation Sciences.Chris hired me in 2009 to work as a nest searcher on his Amargosa Canyon Songbird Project. It is a life long dream come true for me to have a real bird research job.We find the territories of breeding birds, locate the nests, and monitor them by counting the eggs, babies, and recording our observations about their development. It is the worlds coolest ,hottest job. I have seen, heard , and learned so much I can hardly begin to describe it. so I will show you what I mean.

Common Yellowthroat (photo by my coworker Wade Maclroy)

A cool dragonfly in deep cover (Amargosa Canyon)

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

Black-Tailed Gnatcatcher

Crissal Thrasher chick and eggs

Yellow-Breasted Chat chicks
Black Tailed Gnatcatcher 7 days old ready for banding

Black Tailed Gnatcatcher chick 7 days old

Common Yellowthroat chicks

Bell's Vireo attempt  abandoned at 40 %

 Black Necked Stilt full clutch (4)

Blue Grosbeak chicks

Loggerhead Shrike chicks and an egg

Crissal Thrasher chick and eggs
Common Yellowthroat chicks

Bell's Vireo Incubating

Bell's Vireo incubating

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