Friday, December 31, 2010

Learning to paint birds

II would like to share a few of my oil paintings. I love to draw and paint birds. I've been painting for a few years but I'm really just learning. It's relaxing and very challenging.I'd like to improve my field sketching as well. Ill be painting desert birds soon, beginning with Phainopepla.
This is my first try at bird painting. I used Sherry Nelson's wonderful book  "How to Paint Garden Birds"
Violet Sabre-wing (males) Monteverde Costa Rica-
from my photos

Louisiana Heron(tri0colored Heron) from my photo

Gannet on Herring from internet photos

Egret Preening-after a Greg Downing photo

Blackburnian Warbler male-after an Eliot Porter photo

Blue Jay after Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Black & White Warbler after an Eliot Porter photo

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